Made in the USA Quality

Midwest Hose only uses raw materials from world class manufacturers who provide consistency and documented compliance to their product specifications. Our layflat hose is designed and constructed to meet customer performance expectations of Pressure, Elongation, Twist, Diametric Swell, Tensile Strength, Cover & Liner Thickness. Our experienced and dedicated work force utilize in-process controls during the manufacturing operations of reinforcement, fabric weaving, and through-the-weave extrusion. Each hose undergoes hydrostatic water testing prior to shipment, with an individual hose identification, tied to manufacturing and materials traceability. Our TPU Layflat hose has been rigorously tested to 10,000 pressure cycles from 20-200 psi without fail. We are setting the standard for the water transfer industry! 

State of the Art Manufacturing Locations

Corry, Pennsylvania

Located in Corry, Pennsylvania, our 100,000 square foot climate-controlled facility is state of the art for making layflat hose. Using the latest technology, new equipment, and our combined 90 years of manufacturing layflat hose, Midwest Hose is making world-class through-the-weave polyurethane layflat hose here in the USA.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Midwest Hose has 25 retail locations across the country and is the trusted name in water transfer products with hundreds of miles of layflat hose in service. Midwest Hose produces lay flat fittings, reels, and a unique deployment system, all while having the largest hose inventory in North America.

Quality you can trust, availability you can count on.

Midwest Hose is known for delivering the best quality, value, and service in the industry.

Through-the-Weave Technology

There are many layflat hoses on the market, and as one of the largest suppliers in North America, Midwest Hose offers through-the-weave urethane layflat hose, as we believe it represents the best value for our customers. Compared with hoses made from a blend of nitrile rubber and PVC, urethane hose offers 5X the abrasion resistance, less elongation, and far superior puncture resistance.

One-Stop Shop

Midwest Hose is the trusted name in water transfer products with hundreds of miles of layflat hose in service. We are your one-stop shop for your water transfer needs. We produce our own layflat fittings, reels, and deployment system and have the largest hose inventory in North America. We’re a great partner- we provide the same excellent customer service and availability perfected in providing our other hose product lines.

Support & Service

With 25 locations across the country, we have the facilities, the knowledgeable staff, and the inventory to serve our customers. We also offer a deployment system and several types of fittings made in the U.S.A. Along with a huge inventory and unbeatable service, our goal is to deliver the best overall hose value in the market.

Midwest Hose Layflat Deployer

The new Midwest Hose Layflat Deployer completes our extensive water transfer portfolio. Our Direct Drive System makes our deployer one of the fastest, most powerful, and easy to use on the market with the capacity to deploy and retreive layflat hose up to 16″ in diameter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does polyurethane hose compare to aluminum pipe?

Eight hoses to a mile versus 264 Bauer sections & connections.

Why polyurethane versus rubber constructed hose?

Polyurethane is more abrasion and puncture resistant against leaks.

How do you connect multiple lines together?

Our branches carry a wide range of couplings and accessories.

Why choose Midwest Hose Layflat products?

Quality construction with repeatable and reproducible manufacturing.

Is there field support available for your hose products?

Our multiple locations across the country support and service.

What type of warranty do you offer on your hose products?

Click here to review our warranty details.

Need help? Call our support team at 1-800-375-2358