Midwest Hose Layflat uses raw materials from world class manufacturers who provide consistency and documented compliance to their product specifications.

Our lay flat hose is designed and constructed to meet customer performance expectations of Pressure, Elongation, Twist, Diametric Swell, Tensile Strength, Cover & Liner Thickness. Our experienced and dedicated work force utilize in-process controls during the manufacturing operations of reinforcement, fabric weaving, and through-the-weave extrusion.

Validation testing is completed to ensure hose performance requirements. Each hose undergoes hydrostatic water testing prior to shipment, with an individual hose identification, tied to manufacturing and materials traceability. Packaging designed with safety in mind, protects both workers and hose during shipment handling.

Materials Matter

The significant majority of cost to manufacture lay flat hose is the input cost of the raw materials. The conversion of yarn into reinforcement fabric and the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) into cover/liner are the two main steps in making a lay flat hose. Both processes, circular weaving and extrusion, are highly automated with special machinery. So, when a manufacturer is offering a really low price, his raw materials must be less expensive because yarn and TPU are worldwide commodities. Additionally, this implies he is using a lower quality grade of raw materials by substituting or using off-specification materials, made with different feedstocks.

How does that translate into the final product? Consider the following performance characteristics that are desired of a hose during its life: Burst Pressure, Flow Rate, Elongation, Snaking, Twist, Swell, Tensile Strength, Cover & Liner Thickness, Abrasion, Puncture, Chemical, and UV Resistance, and of course leaks. The quality and consistency of the two raw materials (Yarn and TPU) have a long-term significant effect on all of these performance requirements.

It is therefore important to know what you are paying for and what you are receiving. After all, you are making an investment in a capital asset, not a throwaway hose.

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