TPU Layflat

Designed for produced water/fresh water transfer. Typically used for hydraulic fracture water transfer, to replace damaged hydrant lines, or to replace a broken water main. Manufactured with NSF standard 61 approved materials for use with potable water.

Construction Polyurethane Extruded Through the Weave and a Circular Polyester Woven Reinforcement. No use of glues or adhesives.

Safety Factor Minimum 2.5 to 1

Lining Properties
Ultimate Tensile Strength no less than 1200 psi

Ultimate Elongation when tested to UL-19 guidelines a small dumbbell sample of lining elongates a minimum of 400%

Abrasion 25mm on DIN 53516/ISO4649 testing, up to 5 times more resistant and 50% more puncture resistant than Nitrile/PVC

Cold Remains flexible in as low as -40°F conditions

Ozone No cracking in lining or cover when tested to ASTM D518 Procedure B (100 pphm/118°F/70 hours)

Chemical Resistant to most chemicals and petroleum products

Temperature -40°F to 180°F

Custom hose color and branding available on big volume orders.

All assemblies are proof tested at working pressure in the USA. We take a great deal of pride in promising that only the highest quality product leaves through our doors.

IDWall ThicknessMax W.P.ElongationWeightWeight per Reel LengthReel LengthEmpty Reel Weight
inchinchpsiat W.P.lbs./ft.lbsfeetlbs

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